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our history

Qingdao Hongda Metalworking Equipment Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1999. Its main activity is the development and sale of stamping equipment. Its leading products are electric screw presses, hot forging crank presses. Heavy duty screw presses and forging automatic production lines. This is a national screw press. He has mastered a number of key core technologies of domestic leading heavy duty screw presses and led and participated in the development of 7 industry standards. The company has established cooperative relationships with CRRC, AVIC, CSSC, Jianglu Group of the Ministry of Armament and other enterprises, and its product market share has been ranked first in China for many years in a row.

Our factory

The company integrates R&D, production and sales, covers a total area of ​​100,000 square meters and has four production workshops: integrated workshop, CNC workshop, assembly workshop and machine repair workshop. The production and processing facilities are the first in the country and are the leading enterprise for the production of stamping equipment.

Product Application

The first set of domestic products such as the 8000/10000 ton electric screw press developed by the company solves the problem of localized replacement of precision forging and forming equipment of key components such as blades and crankshafts in heavy-duty drive systems such as aircraft engines, punching core of key areas. Forging equipment is monopolized by foreign technology, filling the domestic gap and laying the foundation of equipment for the development of my country's aerospace, railway, automobile, ship, military, construction machinery and other industries.

Our certificate

The company is the vice chairman of the China Forging Machinery Association and the secretariat of the Special Committee on Hammers and Forging Machines of the National Technical Committee for the Standardization of Forging Equipment. Unified champion of manufacturing industry, provincially recognized enterprise technology center, the first set of major technical equipment in the province (four years in a row), provincial innovation technology demonstration enterprise, Shandong famous brand, Qingdao invisible champion, Qingdao technological innovation center, provincial engineering research center and other awards, undertook key research projects of Qingdao Science and Technology Plan.

It has established cooperative relationships between industry, universities and research with Shandong University of Technology. China Ocean University, Beijing Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and other universities and institutes, and has 12 invention patents, 70 utility model patents, 4 appearance design and 9 software work.

Production equipment

The company has more than 300 large and medium production machines with a maximum lifting capacity of 300 tons. The company has more than 40 sets of large-scale high-tech automated production equipment that is unparalleled in the industry, such as gantry mobile CNC boring and milling machines, floor CNC boring and milling machines and heavy-duty horizontal vertical transport vehicles. The production capacity is industry leading, with an annual production capacity of 600 sets of advanced forging equipment such as large and medium hot forging presses and electric screw presses (sets). The production facilities are by far the most powerful in China. screw press industry.

Production market

Our company's Hongduan brand forging and stamping equipment is widely sold throughout the country and exported to the United States, Brazil, Portugal, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Argentina, Bangladesh, Bolivia, the Middle East and other countries and regions.

Cooperative case

Case 1

The first 80MN heavy-duty electric CNC screw press was delivered to Xi'an Triangle Defense Co., Ltd. It is mainly used for forging military aircraft forgings.

Case 2

The first APL1000 forging automation line was supplied to Shandong Runtong Gear Group Co., Ltd. Forging automation line eliminates the technical shortcomings of forging equipment automation, stability, forging precision, multi-station forging and integrated control, enriches automation. functions of forging production line and realizes efficient, environmentally friendly, intelligent, environmentally friendly and precision forging.

Case 3

The first 100MN super heavy duty electric screw press was delivered to Shaanxi Shufeng Intelligent Forging Co., Ltd. It is mainly used for large-scale precision forging in aerospace, railway, automobile, ship, military industry, construction machinery, power engineering and other industries. industry.

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