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In modern industrial production, automatic forging production lines have become a key link in improving product quality and production efficiency. With high intelligent performance, precise control and efficient operation, automatic forging production lines have become an important force in the development of industrial production in my country. to new heights.

Product benefits

1. High degree of intelligence. The automatic forging line is equipped with an advanced control system, providing real-time monitoring and precise control of the production process, which reduces operating complexity and improves production efficiency.

2. High operational stability. The automated production line adopts a modular design to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment during high-speed operation.

3. Energy saving and environmental protection: Efficient energy use and eco-friendly design reduce energy consumption and reduce the burden on the environment.

4. High adaptability: The automatic forging production line can be applied to various types of forging processes to meet the production needs of different products.

5. High quality products. Thanks to precise control of the production process, the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the product are guaranteed, which increases the competitiveness of the product.

6. Reduced labor intensity: The automated production line reduces manual operations, reduces labor intensity of workers and improves the working environment.

Applications, wide coverage

1. Aviation and Aerospace: Used to make high-quality components such as aircraft, rockets and satellites.

2. Automotive Manufacturing: Suitable for stamping key components such as automobile engines and transmission systems.

3. Railway Transport: Precision forging production service for railway transit equipment such as high-speed railways and subways.

4. Power equipment: used in the forging of wind power, nuclear and other power equipment.

5. Weapon Making: Used for precision forging to make various types of weapon parts.

6. General Engineering: Suitable for forging production of various general engineering parts.

waiting for the market

With the continuous development of my country's industry, especially the rapid progress in aviation, aerospace, automobile, railway transportation and other fields, the demand for automated forging production lines continues to increase. take full advantage of my advantages and contribute to achieving new heights of industrial production in my country.


Automatic forging line, which is an important equipment in modern industrial production, has become a key factor in promoting the industrial progress of my country. The characteristics of high intelligence, precise control and efficient operation make the automated forging line highly competitive in many fields.

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Automatic forging line APL-1000

Automatic forging line APL-1000

HONGDUAN has the best automation team in China, rich automation experience in the industry and mature production system. Our customers include some famous domestic military enterprises and some listed companies. This HONGDUAN Automatic Forging Line APL-1000 that we supplied is still in good use.

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HONGDUAN is one of the professional Automatic forging production line manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our reliable, modern, easy to maintain and high quality Automatic forging production line are not only made in China, but we also provide customized services. We invite you to visit our factory to buy our products.
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