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What is an electric screw press


Electric screw press is an equipment used in the forging industry. The screw press is distinguished by its versatility, simple structure, ease of adjustment and maintenance, no bottom dead center of the ram, simple mold design and high precision forging. Suitable for various processes of precision forging, finishing, precision pressing, stamping, sizing, straightening and other processes. The electric screw press can not only be used for hot forging, but also for precision forging and finishing. It can not only be used for the pressure welding process of stainless steel double bottom pans, but also for the precision forging of titanium alloy blades and other blades.

Electric screw press is an energy-saving precision forging press equipment. No mechanical transmission, servo motor direct drive, high transmission efficiency, low failure rate, high motor rotation speed, large torque, digital power release control, which can meet various process requirements of forging impact. The touch screen is used to exchange information between the operator and the machine, allowing users to conveniently set parameters such as impact energy and display machine faults. It has the characteristics of strong anti-eccentric load, small mold stress, long service life and high forging precision. It is superior to other presses in terms of energy saving and precise impact force control. There is no fixed bottom dead center, no collision, and it can perform cyclic impacts automatically. It is suitable for processes such as stamping, precision pressing, leveling, bending and printing. It is an ideal forging press for trains, automobiles, tractors, aviation, hardware, medical equipment, kitchenware and other industries. The electric screw press has good body rigidity, high precision sliding guides, and high resistance to displacement loads. It can be used for multi-station stamping. This is a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly press.

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